Actor Siddhart Draws Parallel Between Fashion And Communal Harmony

Actor Siddhart Draws Parallel Between Fashion And Communal Harmony

Actor Siddhart Draws Parallel Between Fashion And Communal Harmony

Rang De Basanti famed actor Siddhart is known for his quirky takes on political, social causes and animal welfare. Now as the actor walks the ramp for sustainability fashion at LFWSR 20, he draws parallel between Fashion and communal harmony.

Talking about fashion, Siddharth Suryanarayan or Siddhart, expressed that if fashion can combine Kanjivaram from Tamilnadu and Khadi from Bengal, two warring states, same way we can put aside our differences and communicate.

Talking about sustainability fashion drive, Siddharth quipped, “I am wearing stunning clothes. This is a marriage and amalgamation of Kanjivaram from Tamil Nadu and beautiful muslin and beautiful khadi from Bengal. A Bengali and a Tamalian did some beautiful things together. Usually great arguments arise when these two demographics comes together”

“Some great aesthetic and fabric have come out. More importantly I just want to pass on a message. If Muslin and Kanjivaram can come together, then why can’t we just get along?”

“It’s about sustainability of our environment, about taking care what we care for even though we honestly don’t seem to show our love for environment often enough. And the second thing is disagreement is a way of life. I think we can still communicate. We can still get along, despite the fact that we might disagree on issues.  So, keeping issues aside, it’s important to come together. Fashion needs to be more sudden and enduring and that’s how the relation and the country needs to be. And I hope we all do that and hope this statement makes some sense to all of them” added Siddharth.

Meanwhile on the work front, Siddhart is gearing up for Indian 2 with thespian Kamal Haasan.

Indian 2 is helmed by Shankar, also starring Kajal Aggarwal, Rakul Preet Singh and Priya Bhavani Shankar. The film release was delayed to late 2021 to avoid competing with Rajamouli's RRR. The film is scheduled to release on 2021 summer.

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