​No Pressure While Working With Kabir Khan Says Sunny Kaushal

​No Pressure While Working With Kabir Khan Says Sunny Kaushal

​No Pressure While Working With Kabir Khan Says Sunny Kaushal

Newbie Sunny Kaushal who is working with veteran filmmaker Kabir Khan on forthcoming web-series says there was no pressure while working with ‘83’ director on the contrary it was learning experience.

The Forgotten Army is directed by Kabir Khan, the series is based on true events about the men and women in the Indian National Army led by Subhash Chandra Bose. The series stars Sunny Kaushal and Sharvari.

Talking about working with Kabir Khan, newbie Sunny said, “With such an amazing director at helm, Kabir Khan, there is no pressure, on the contrary you learn a lot, as an actor. I was so raw, like an empty glass, and Kabir Khan kept pouring and we kept learning and doing stuff”

“The thing that I learned from Kabir Khan is the importance of keeping calm and being patient during the shooting. It is quite easy to get irritated and angry but it is important to tackle everything with calmness that is one valuable lesson I got from him” added Sunny.

The Forgotten Army - Azaadi Ke Liye is a mini web television series which will release of Amazon Prime Video.

Talking about his role, Sunny added, “We are playing soldiers in Azad Hind Fauj, formed by Neta ji Subhash Chandra Bose. It is a period drama and an important chapter of Indian history which is being depicted in the series”

Further adding Sunny said it was not a challenging but a different kind of role and experience. He said, “I don’t know about difficult role, but definitely it was a different kind of experience and role. We did military training, arm and ammunition training, marching and we did learn a whole lot of different techniques and tools for the action sequences. I’d say the journey has been great. We had fun and joyful experience.”

The series stream on 24th January 2020.

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