I get bored when I don’t do interesting work says Arunoday Singh

I get bored when I don’t do interesting work says Arunoday Singh

I get bored when I don’t do interesting work says Arunoday Singh

Actor Arunoday Singh, who is playing role of a politician in ‘The Chargesheet Innocent or Guilty’, has said that he gets bored when he doesn’t do interesting work. He also added that he didn’t had to put in much effort to play politician’s character because he belongs to a political family.

Arunoday Singh was interacting with the media to promote ‘‘The Chargesheet Innocent or Guilty’ on Friday in Mumbai.

When asked Arunoday how difficult it was for him to play such a layered character of a politician, he said, “I feel that there is fun while playing difficult characters and the more difficult your character is the more you have to do the hardwork and I really enjoy doing that kind of stuff. I get bored when my work is not interesting and it pisses me off. I like to get into deep thoughts and to get into character psyche and that’s the fun part of being an actor.”

Arunoday Singh is the grandson of Arjun Singh who was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh so, he said that he didn’t had to put in much effort to play role of a politician in the web series.

He said, “My grandfather was a politician so since childhood, I have experienced so many things. So, subconsciously you emulate someone’s body-language or accent while playing it.”

He added, “I really like story of this web series. I just thought that how should I play my character so that it will completely look like my own discovery and that was the challenging part for me.”

‘The Chargesheet Innocent or Guilty’ revolves around the murder of a National-level table tennis player Shiraz Malik (Shiv Panditt), and begins a chase for the criminal as the police and court fail to come at a satisfactory conclusion.

Talking about his character in his upcoming web series, Arunoday said, “I am playing very layered, calm and composed character in this web series. My character name is Ranveer Pratap Singh and he belongs to a royal family. He is also a politician. There are many incidents in this web series which start taking place around his life then how his relationship changes, how he changes and what is his connection with this murder mystery so in such dramatic situation how he will to react to it and that’s was the interesting bit for me.”

When asked Arunoday what kind of role he would like to play in future, he said, “I would like to role of Batman because it’s my favorite character. I would like to do it on an international level because here I am already working and I dream about big things in life.”

‘The Chargesheet Innocent or Guilty’ is created by Shashant Shah and stars Arunoday Singh, Sikandar Kher, Satish Kaushik, Shiv Panditt, Tridha Choudhury, and Hrishita Bhatt in pivotal roles.

It is streaming on Zee5 from 1st January, 2020.

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