Mahesh Bhatt Is My Krishna Says Anupam Kher

Mahesh Bhatt Is My Krishna Says Anupam Kher

Mahesh Bhatt Is My Krishna Says Anupam Kher

Actor turned author Anupam Kher says that despite having different political ideology, he still has a lot of love for Mahesh Bhatt and he is his Krishna.

Anupam Kher was was interacting with media at his book launch titled ‘Lessons Life Thought Me Unknowingly’ on Thursday in Mumbai.

Anupam Kher is a self proclaimed right-wing politics and Mahesh Bhatt is liberal in his views. Despite stark opposite ideologies both share a working partnership which has stood the test of time.

When asked Anupam Kher what makes their relationship and admiration for each other going, he said, “There is one line in my play in which I pay tribute to 3-4 people that says ‘If life is a battlefield of Kurukshetra and me the questioning Arjun, Mahesh Bhatt is my Krishna’ and that will stay always like this”

“Whenever we had arguments with our different ideologies then, Bhatt asked me ‘the lines which you recite in you plays come within your heart?’ Then I told him that ‘I will recite those lines from my heart till my last breath because that has been taught to me and that are my values”

On work front, Anupam Kher last seen onscreen in ‘One Day: Justice Delivered’. The actor is currently busy with New Amsterdam and Mrs Wilson telly series overseas.

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