Don’t Look At Role From Gender Point Of View Says Taapsee Pannu

Don’t Look At Role From Gender Point Of View Says Taapsee Pannu

Don’t Look At Role From Gender Point Of View Says Taapsee Pannu

Actor Taapsee Pannu says she doesn’t look at role through gender or screen-time point of view, neither she thinks in that manner, on the sidelines of a special screening of Rashmi Rocket.

The makers of sports drama Rashmi Rocket organized a special screening of the film in the Mumbai, which was graced by Taapsee Pannu and entire cast and crew, along with family and friends from the fraternity.

When asked about picking up roles based on gender and screen-time, Taapsee Pannu reacted and said, “I get screen time properly, you can watch all my film and when did I say that? And above all, depending on my role I get the screen time. And to be honest, I haven’t looked at it this way ever, I was selected based on the gender and the character and the story, and I did what the story required. Had it been a man’s story, a man would have done the role, and I have never looked at it through gender’s point of view or screen time point of view, I’d stopped thinking this way a long time ago”

Despite being slated for digital release, the makers hosted a theatrical special screening and Taapsee Pannu couldn’t be more excited about it.

She said, “After Thappad, I think I am watching myself on big-screen now with Rashmi Rocket, though it is lined-up for OTT release but there is always this excitement to watch it on big-screen. Also there is no anxiety with OTT release as there is no box-office pressure. We made this film with big-screen release in mind; its impact would have looked good on big-screen, so that reason we have organized this screening”

When asked about theaters re-opening and if would like to watch any particular film in theaters after a long time, Taapsee said, “Whichever film is releasing first, I am watching it on big-screen. It’s been a long time since movies released in theaters, so whichever comes first, I am watching it. I think in-between some movies did release theatrically, so I’d watched Wonder Woman, on the 1st January, and I thought, whatever you do on the first day of new year, it keeps on happening the entire year but it didn’t happen, so now any movie releases, I am watching it”

Directed by Akarsh Khurrana, Rashmi Rocket is a sports film telling the story of a sprinter.

The film will be released directly on a digital platform on October 15th.

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