Celebrities Reacts To Aryan Khan’s Case

Celebrities Reacts To Aryan Khan’s Case

Celebrities Reacts To Aryan Khan’s Case

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan along with seven others was arrested by NCB in big drug bust on a cruise ship last Saturday. The star kid is produced in court today where NCB seeks further custody but defense lawyer argues that Aryan didn’t possess any drug.

While the argument takes place in court, we asked a slew of celebrities about the star kids taking to drugs, especially their reaction about SRK’s son Aryan’s case.

Veteran actor Rajpal Yadav, comedian VIP, Nyra Banerjee, Payal Ghosh and more expressed their opinion about the case.

Veteran actor Rajpal Yadav stated, “It is strange news, and now that you’re asking me about it, I am also praying for the future of my kids. God bless them with good sense and they walk the path of righteousness, kids are our future and they all should take to correct path in life. As for Aryan Khan, I am not sure about his case or the matter”

When asked about the case, Comedian VIP said, “First and foremost, now we have someone who can work, whether it’s a celebrity’s child or anyone, they are not sparing anyone. Having said that, I only wish that someone who is innocent, he shouldn’t be subjected to scrutiny or gossiping. As for Aryan Khan, he is a child and I am sure he deserves one chance and we all should give a one chance”

Actress Nyra Banerjee said that she was at the party but fortunately left early, otherwise she’d sitting in NCB office as well. She said, “I was at the pre-cruise party, but I had an early shoot, so I left, but I don’t think we should say or judge someone before the law takes its full course”

Controversial diva Payal Ghosh said, “This is so strange, official aren’t able to stop drugs, but arresting children. This is not right, kids doing drugs’ parent ought to keep an eye on their kids, because incidents like these aren’t going to help them in future”

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