There Is No Cure For Trolling Says Arbaaz Khan

There Is No Cure For Trolling Says Arbaaz Khan

There Is No Cure For Trolling Says Arbaaz Khan

Actor turned talk show host, Arbaaz Khan is coming back with a whole new bolder and bigger season of Pinch. The opening show will feature Salman Khan with some tough, spicy and steamy questions and of course with equally stunning replies.

Arbaaz Khan along with show creator Sumit Dutt hosted a press-conference to unveil the teaser of opening episode, featuring Salman Khan.

Social media trolling is the key-element of the show, the first season tackled the issue with subtlety but the second season fans are expecting even better candid chat about relevant social issues.

When asked about the show and its objective to tackle social media trolling, Arbaaz Khan said, “We didn’t create this show to control or eliminate trolling, that is not possible. There is no cure for trolling. And I believe that certain amount of negativity and feedback is also important, but the problem starts when the entire thing is below the belt, unreasonable and without any justification. As an actor or film person, I am not trying to say don’t criticize our films or our acting, see you have full right to criticize a film or actor, you bought the ticket, watch the film, didn’t like it, you can trash it”

“Professional trolling or feedback is acceptable but personal attacks are unacceptable. When you say nasty stuff about families, looks or start body shaming, that is where the problem starts and it becomes unacceptable. So people need to draw a line there, sooner or later people need to draw a line, because now, the social media is become quite accountable. Now a days, one needs to very judicious and careful about what you say on social media”

Pinch 2 will see new guests including Ayushmann Khurrana, Kiara Advani, Ananya Panday, Farhan Akhtar, Farah Khan, Tiger Shroff, Anil Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao and Jacqueline Fernandez.

It will start streaming from July 19.

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