Ma Belle, My Beauty Trailer Is Out

Ma Belle, My Beauty Trailer Is Out

Ma Belle, My Beauty Trailer Is Out

First official trailer of romantic drama, Ma Belle, My Beauty, is out, based on two women who were formerly polyamorous lovers.

The film is written and directed by debut filmmaker Marion Hill.  The film stars Idella Johnson, Hannah Pepper, Lucien Guignard, and Sivan Noam Shimon.

Lane, Bertie and Fred once shared a polyamorous relationship while living in New Orleans. Lane loved Bertie, Fred loved Bertie, they had a balance that worked…until it didn’t, and Lane vanished from their lives. Two years later, Bertie and Fred have gotten married and are now living at Fred’s family home in the countryside of southern France.

When Lane unexpectedly shows up in Bertie's seemingly idyllic new life, she finds her former lover much different than she remembers. Bertie is now disillusioned in her jazz career, still grieving the loss of her mother, and clearly alienated in this small, white, European town. Lane attempts to recreate their old, carefree dynamic, hoping that her return might lighten Bertie’s mood -- but Bertie isn’t having it. It seems time hasn't healed all wounds… so Lane shifts her strategy when she meets Noa, a young artist and former soldier, quickly reigniting dormant jealousies.

The film releases on 20th August 2021.

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