Adopt A Tree And Treat It Like Family Says Hema Malini

Adopt A Tree And Treat It Like Family Says Hema Malini

Adopt A Tree And Treat It Like Family Says Hema Malini

Actor turned politician Hema Malini says that planting trees is not enough, one needs to adopt them and treat them like family members on the sidelines of a Tree plantation campaign in Mumbai.

Hema Malini along with daughter Esha Deol graced the inauguration of BMC’s ‘Be A Tree Parent’ Mega Foundation Vriksha Campaign In Juhu.

After Cyclone Tauktae, the coast of India has been hit with Yaas Cyclone, which has caused unprecedented loss of life, property and natural resources.

Talking about the initiative and replacing the up-rooted trees, Hema Malini said, “Due to recent natural calamities, we have lost many trees in Juhu, it made me feel very sad because we used to take care of those trees around here like our babies. Trees in Juhu used to be lush, green and had beautiful yellow flowers, but unfortunately due to the cyclone most of the trees are unearthed. So we have started this drive to plant new saplings”

“Planting is really important and if I may add, it is even more important for everyone to adopt at least 20-25 trees in their areas. One planting trees just to take some pictures is pointless, one must adopt trees, take care of them like family members” added Hema.

Hema Malini further added that the current government is planning to plant trees across the nation and urged builders in Mumbai, to adopt a different approach to constructing new high-rise buildings.

She said, “Our government wants trees to be planted across India and we are planting in Juhu. I’ve done a lot of tree planting in Mathura, and one must plant a tree accordingly, because later BMC, in the name of development, starts pulling them out, then it would be useless. So take proper permission, find out the right place and then plant a tree, and treat that plant as your family member”

“The problem with Mumbai is that high-rise buildings are being constructed, which of course, we need, but the builder needs to stop cutting trees to construct a building and practice eco-friendly approach by conserving the trees” added Hema.

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