​Lisa Ray Unveils Digital Cover Of Close To The Bone

​Lisa Ray Unveils Digital Cover Of Close To The Bone

​Lisa Ray Unveils Digital Cover Of Close To The Bone

Actress Lisa Ray, who kick-started her Bollywood career with Kasoor and went on to do films like Water and I Can't Think Straight, finally unveils her debut book cover, Close To The Bone with Harpers Collins.  

The actress has been quietly penning her memoir and now the memoir is ready to release, Lisa Ray shared the digital cover of the book. She wrote, “Readying to launch my book #CloseToTheBone into the world”

The official handle of Harpers Collins also shared insight into the book, they wrote, “In her life, @lisaraniray has worn several masks – model, accidental actress, MM activist, spiritual seeker, wife, mother. In #CloseToTheBone, she sheds them all with raw honesty, layer by layer, word by word, to reveal her authentic self. Pre-order on 18th April, 2019!”

The book will be out on 18th April 2019. It talks about the Lisa ray’s experience in life with being a model, actress, activist, wife and mother. She is also a cancer survivor.

Earlier, Lisa Ray shared a heartfelt note with penning the book. She wrote, “All my learnings have led me to write my upcoming book, Close to the Bone, which I’ve been working on for the last two years. It’s not just a memoir; it’s my first project as a writer. And honestly, all these labels of being an actor, a model, an entrepreneur, pale in comparison to writing. Writing has always been my first love, and people close to me recognise that”

“The memoir takes into account all of my experiences up till my wedding. I hope that I am serving others through my words and candid tone—considering I had to fight very hard to tell my story the way that I wanted to. Writing about my personal journey made me realise that us women have to fight in every moment of life, especially when we need to be heard in a way that is meaningful to us. Finding meaning in every moment and transcending labels is challenging work—and that’s what Close to the Bone aims to do”

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