​Jaya Bachchan Slam Ravi Kishan And Kangana Ranaut For Tarnishing The Industry

​Jaya Bachchan Slam Ravi Kishan And Kangana Ranaut For Tarnishing The Industry

​Jaya Bachchan Slam Ravi Kishan And Kangana Ranaut For Tarnishing The Industry

Veteran actor and politician Jaya Bachchan has hit out at actor-politician Ravi Kishan and Kangana Ranaut, who has made bold claims that the drug addiction is rampant in the film fraternity.

Jaya Bachchan was addressing the Rajya Sabha today, where she said, “Just because of a few people, you cannot tarnish the whole industry... I was really embarrassed and ashamed that yesterday one our members in the Lok Sabha, who is from the industry, spoke against the film industry. Jis thaali me khaate hain usi me chched karte hain"

Actor turned politician Ravi Kishan, took the floor recently during a session in parliament and raised the drugs-related allegations that have emerged against the film industry in the Sushant Singh Rajput investigations.

National Award winner actress Kangana Ranaut has also been vocal about “drug involvement” in film fraternity.

In the Lok Sabha on Day One of parliament's monsoon session, Ravi Kishan said, "Drug addiction is in the film industry too. Several people have been apprehended. The NCB has been doing very good work. I urge the central government to take strict action against the culprits soon. Give them a befitting punishment and bring an end to this conspiracy by neighbouring countries"

He was referring to the ongoing Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) investigation linked to the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, in which actor Rhea Chakraborty, her brother Showik and four more were arrested last week.

Jaya Bachchan also claimed that industry provide employment and such remarks are uncalled for. She added, "The entertainment industry in our country provides direct employment every day to five lakh people and indirect employment to five million people. At a time when the financial situation is in a depressing state and employment is at the worst level, in order to divert the attention of the people, we are being used to be flogged by social media and the government's non-support. But people who have made their name in this film industry have called it a gutter. I completely disagree"

The Narcotics Control Bureau is investigating charges of drug-dealing and use based on chats found on the phone of Rhea Chakraborty, a 28-year-old actor being investigated over the death of her boyfriend, popular star Sushant Singh Rajput, on June 14.

Rhea Chakraborty, who is in a Mumbai jail, has been accused of organising drugs for Mr Rajput. The anti-drugs agency called her "an active member of a drugs syndicate".

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